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Global ICT Business

Global ICT Business

Global ICT Business

ICT services of our head office in France

Our head office SUCRECUBE Technologies Co., Ltd. provides general IT services in France and Europe. Our Japanese engineers offer consistent services surrounding internet connection environment, VPN connection, phone, procurement of office equipment, web-site construction, according to French legislation.

Issues of Japanese companies in Europe

Sucrecube Japon was established in Tokyo in April 2018.

One of the reasons for this establishment was to offer better services to our existing and potential Japanese customers in Europe. Usually expatriates from Japan responsible for subsidiaries in Europe are tasked to look after the IT environment, however they are not comfortable with it as they are not familiar with it.  In such case where IT rules of a company is vague, local employees use their computers freely, for example, by installing private software.  We believe it is important they improve their IT literacy, and necessary security measures should be taken.
Sucrecube group can play a role of IT division of such subsidiary. This way our customers do not have to worry about the language barrier, reporting technical issues and getting a necessary budget from the headquarters.

European personal information protection law, GDPR was enforced

Have you heard of GDPR? In 2018, “European personal data protection law GDPR” was launched.  This law prohibits the transfer of personal information outside of Europe without permission and its penalty can go up to 2 billion yen or 4% of total group sales in EU.

We are a Japanese corporation with expertise in Europe

In order to solve these local problems and improve the IT environment of European subsidiaries with the same security level as in the head office, we aim to develop a direct relationship with the head office.

Introduction of our services

Introduction of our services can be downloaded in PDF format.

Global ICT Business(PDF)